A Theology of Work – Work through the Lens of Creation, The Fall, Redemption and The Kingdom

work-in-denmarkI just completed another semester pursuing a Doctorate of Ministry degree in Leadership and Spiritual Formation from Portland Seminary (formerly George Fox Evangelical Seminary) in Portland, Ore. This program is top-notch. In one year, I have witnessed tremendous growth in my own personal spirituality and leadership skills. If you are looking for a seminary or a doctoral program, I would highly recommend Portland Seminary. You can find more info our here: Portland Seminary.

My dissertation focus is on helping laity integrate their faith and work. I believe that the dichotomy of sacred work and secular work doesn’t exist. This means that all work matters. If you are a teacher, doctor, CPA, police officer, construction worker, musician/artist, or a stay-at-home-parent, what you do is not only purposed by God, but it is part of God’s plan of redemption for the world and a tool to reveal the Kingdom of God in fuller form.

Each semester, we slowly tackle our overall dissertation. Last semester I focused on the history of vocation and calling. You can read that paper here: Faith and Work – The battle between the sacred and secular.

This semester, I have focused on developing a theology of work as seen though the lens of Creation, The Fall, Redemption, and the In-Breaking of God’s Kingdom. Take some time and read my paper and let me know your thoughts. You can download the paper here: A Theology of Work







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